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Hope Stories

Hope Stories Campaign

The Challenge

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, one of the leading addiction and mental health treatment organizations in the country, hired Mary Pomerantz Advertising to create a new integrated marketing campaign to reach out to potential patients and their loved ones. The goal was to create a universal message of hope that would be easily relatable to anyone suffering from addiction. We started out by creating BHOPB’s very well known tagline – "There is hope. We can help."

The Approach

Mary Pomerantz Advertising addressed this challenge head-on by designing an integrated marketing campaign entitled “Hope Stories” that enabled viewers to see themselves in the stories of those profiled. The individuals identified and interviewed for the project represent a diverse array of former patients who are all in recovery today. After successfully completing their own treatment, these individuals chose to work at BHOPB to help others still battling addiction. Each video in the series features a different individual who tells a story of his or her own personal struggle with addiction. Overcoming adversity and maintaining hope is what connects these narratives together. The speakers unanimously express that Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches greatly improved their lives and helped them sustain a sense of hope.

The Solution

With professional videography and editing, MPA transformed these interviews into inspiring short videos that were then uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and the MPA-designed “Hope Stories” micro-website. Featuring current BHOPB staff that were former patients themselves, assembled from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life, helped communicate the message of hope with a compassionate and personal touch. As part of the integrated marketing campaign, MPA also designed associated social media and Internet campaigns to “push” viewers to the microsite, increasing its exposure.

The Results

The “Hope Stories” campaign was a remarkable success, drawing in almost a million online viewers and generating hundreds of new patients for our rehab client Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches.

The “Hope Stories” campaign positively impacted the treatment process at BHOPB as well. By featuring BHOPB staff members, the videos showed patients that this staff deeply understands the issues they face, as many of the rehab professionals at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches once suffered from addiction and are in recovery themselves.

Bringing even further publicity to this already successful campaign, “Hope Stories” was recognized for creative excellence when it won a highly coveted “Webby” award for the best online reality film or video of 2013.


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