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Mary Pomerantz

Harness the Power of Niche Job Sites

Mary Pomerantz

Ms. Pomerantz has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Mary Pomerantz Advertising for the past twenty five years. She was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Pomerantz Staffing, which grew to be one of the largest privately-owned staffing companies in the US under her leadership.

When most people think of posting jobs on the Internet, they picture using the big, generalist job boards like or CareerBuilder and may not even consider using some of the smaller, specialized, niche job sites that also exist. This is understandable, because the sheer size of these large job boards attracts a much larger audience of job seekers; and, why would you want to be on a job posting site that had a smaller audience than the big ones? For many positions, the large job board sites are the best option for recruiting employees. However, this kind of “brute-force” approach to advertising your open positions can sometimes miss the mark, particularly for “hard-to-fill” positions requiring specific, specialized qualifications.

A Mountain of Responses to Sift Through

When you advertise one of your company’s available positions, you want to attract the best qualified candidate for the position, and any “extra” candidates who don’t possess the skills and expertise you need, don’t do you any good. In fact, getting inundated by a mountain of unqualified candidates that you have to sort through actually slows down the hiring process and wastes a large amount of time and resources. This is one of the main complaints individuals responsible for recruiting new employees for highly-specialized positions have with the responses they get from the large, generalist job posting sites, and the same dynamic is at play when you look at these sites from the perspective of the potential job candidate.

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Pages of Postings to Search Through

Job seekers using the large, generalist job boards have to do their own version of sifting and sorting through hundreds of postings to find positions that may be a good fit for their skills and training. Sometimes, this is simply a matter of using the correct search terms to filter out extraneous postings that aren’t a good match. However, even with some good search skills, this process can be quite a slog. For this reason, many job seekers in very specialized fields such as engineering, pharmaceuticals, finance, accounting, higher education or the non-profit sector prefer to browse job postings on sites that are focused on their particular field or industry.

Niche Job Sites Deliver for Specialized Professionals

These niche job sites have a better “wheat to chaff” ratio of relevant postings for their area of expertise, saving specialized professionals the time and frustration of searching through the larger, broad-based sites for the few positions that would interest them. By making the job search more time and energy efficient for potential job candidates, niche job sites can also attract some individuals who may be on the borderline between being an “active” or a “passive” job seeker.

Individuals who straddle the active/passive job seeker fence may be happy to spend a few minutes browsing job postings on a site devoted to their profession, while not being willing to spend hours sifting through the job postings on a larger, general job board. In addition, many niche job boards are hosted on the websites of professional organizations that attract viewers who are not actively looking for a job but are nonetheless potentially qualified for positions posted there. These elusive passive job candidates are sometimes the best possible candidates and can be reached in this fashion, even if they were not actively looking for a new job.

"Many job seekers in very specialized fields…prefer to browse job postings on sites that are focused on their particular field or industry."

Niche Job Sites Focused on Specific Fields

The most common type of niche job sites are the ones that cater to individuals from a specific profession or field. This area of expertise and focus can range from the very narrow, such as the American Astronomical Society’s AAS Job Register, to the quite broad, such as the “Tech” focus of All of these sites, however, serve to limit the reach of your job posting to a specific audience of individuals with a common area of expertise. This can be a very helpful way to ensure that a larger number of the responses you receive to your postings are from highly qualified candidates. These profession-based niche job sites include the following:

For every position, there is a mix of profession-focused niche job sites that cater to the appropriate audience of job candidates for that opening. The trick is to identify what these sites are and which site or combination of sites best fits your needs from an ROI perspective. Working with recruitment advertising experts like the experienced team at Mary Pomerantz Advertising is the best way to ensure that you find the right mix of profession-focused niche job sites to deliver the highly-qualified candidates you need for your hard-to-fill positions.


Diversity-focused niche job sites

Another type of niche job site is those that are dedicated to attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds. Some of these sites, such as’s page enabling individuals to search for “Jobs at Companies that ‘Get It’,” take a broad approach of highlighting positions at companies that are actively seeking to recruit employees from all groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in many professions. Other sites, particularly those associated with ethnicity or gender-based professional organizations, enable companies to target even more specific groups to enhance the diversity of their workforce. There are literally hundreds of these sites to choose from, including:

If your company is seeking to increase the diversity of your workforce, MPA can help you identify the most cost-effective combination of diversity-based niche job sites to accomplish this task. Many of our clients regularly advertise on a selection of these sites in addition to the larger, generalist job boards when they have an open position at their organizations.

Find the Niche Job Sites that Work Best for You

The next time you have to hire a candidate for a hard-to-fill position in a specialized field or you want to increase the diversity of your company’s workforce, you can rely on MPA’s extensive expertise in identifying and evaluating the effectiveness of niche job sites to meet your objectives. We have personally used dozens of these specialized sites in conjunction with their more well-known generalist cousins to help our clients recruit the best possible candidates for a variety of positions in many fields. Let us help you leverage the power of niche job sites today by calling MPA at 732-214-9600 to get started now.


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