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Good Visual Design Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

photo of a pencil in red in the middle of crowd of all grey pencils

Good visual design can make a critical impact on the effectiveness of your recruitment advertising efforts and the subsequent quality of your company’s workforce. That’s just one reason why working with a highly-skilled recruitment marketing agency like Mary Pomerantz Advertising can substantially increase both the quantity and quality of candidates you attract for your organization’s…

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Achieve Your Recruitment Goals in the New Year

photo of a long row of happy looking diverse employees sitting next to one another

As a new year begins, Mary Pomerantz Advertising stands ready to provide your organization the most cost-effective help with recruitment possible. However, to get the best return on your investment, you need a proactive strategy that is designed to meet your company’s specific recruitment goals. That makes defining these goals a critical first step in…

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Get Ahead of the Mobile Recruitment Curve

photo of young casually dressed businessman looking at his cellphone walking through airport

When deciding whether mobile recruitment efforts should be an important part of your company’s overall employee recruitment strategy, it’s important to know the facts. One the important facts is the size of your potential audience. For example, how many people actually own smartphones in the US? Another important question to ask is “do people use…

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Harness the Power of Niche Job Sites

When most people think of posting jobs on the Internet, they picture using the big, generalist job boards like or CareerBuilder and may not even consider using some of the smaller, specialized, niche job sites that also exist. This is understandable, because the sheer size of these large job boards attracts a much larger…

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