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The Media Placement Game: Big Results on a Small Budget

When companies have a huge recruitment advertising budget to work with, they can often afford to take a “brute force” approach to their recruitment efforts, advertising in every available media placement option with little regard to strategy or creative approaches. This approach might even include buying a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl for an…

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Harness the Power of Niche Job Sites

When most people think of posting jobs on the Internet, they picture using the big, generalist job boards like or CareerBuilder and may not even consider using some of the smaller, specialized, niche job sites that also exist. This is understandable, because the sheer size of these large job boards attracts a much larger…

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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Internet Recruiting Contract?

When recruiting for open positions today, most companies post their open positions on one or more of the leading Internet job boards. In fact, they are often one of the most cost-effective ways to recruit highly qualified candidates. However, to get the best value for your internet recruiting contract for any job site, you need…

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A team of diverse employees, indicating an inclusive recruitment strategy

Innovate and Create New Opportunities with Inclusive Recruitment

Over 50 years ago, the novel “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit” described a world of corporate conformity composed of men with similar backgrounds and thought processes creating a culture of monotony. That world has changed. Today, gender and cultural barriers are breaking down, leading to new opportunities and greater innovation in the workplace.…

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Illustration of a person obtaining an online degree through a computer.

Measuring the Value of an Online Degree

Behind a computer screen or in a lecture hall: where do students get the best education? Employers are, unsurprisingly, dying to know the answer when it comes to online education. Can an online degree – or distance education, as it is otherwise known – truly compare to learning in the classroom among student peers and…

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Picture of four recruiters dressed in business clothes.

What Qualities Make a Great Recruiter?

Due to the increasing demand for talent and the millions of available jobs in the U.S., your recruiters are likely among your most valuable employees. They can help uncover hidden gems, snatch star performers from the competition and find great employees that fit into your budget. Since the quality of your staff directly correlates to…

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A picture of an NBA player with "Your Ad Here" written behind him.

NBA Now Featuring Advertisements on Jerseys

The National Basketball Association (NBA) became the first major North American professional sports leagues to add advertisements to its team jerseys at the start of the 2017-18 season. Traditionally, the only signage previously included on the front of uniforms were the team logos and names. Businesses and corporations are now allowed to purchase real estate…

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Illustration of the top 5 failed marketing campaigns.

Top 5 Failed Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is key to any successful business. Each year, companies spend big bucks on research and development to discover what makes their target audiences tick so that they can connect in unique ways. But what sounds great in the meeting room doesn’t always end up translating in the final marketing campaign. Details can get lost…

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Title graphic of the top 5 successful marketing campaigns of all time.

Five of the Most Successful Marketing Campaigns Ever

With countless advertising campaigns created over the decades, narrowing it down to the five most successful marketing campaigns is quite a challenge. First, there’s defining what “successful” means. Certainly for each marketing campaign there will be different indicators of success. Some universal measurements we used in compiling this list included: creativity, memorability, cultural impact and…

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A row of Jenga blocks tipping over on each other like dominoes.

How to Best Leverage Social Media During a Brand Crisis

Perhaps it’s because news travels faster and farther than ever before, but it seems as though every week there’s a new company facing some sort of crisis. Whether it’s Pepsi creating offensive advertisements, Uber stumbling into the middle of a political controversy, Bill O’Reilly’s alleged history of sexual harassment or United Airlines’ forceful removal of…

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