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Illustration of the top 5 failed marketing campaigns.

Top 5 Failed Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is key to any successful business. Each year, companies spend big bucks on research and development to discover what makes their target audiences tick so that they can connect in unique ways. But what sounds great in the meeting room doesn’t always end up translating in the final marketing campaign. Details can get lost…

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Title graphic of the top 5 successful marketing campaigns of all time.

Five of the Most Successful Marketing Campaigns Ever

With countless advertising campaigns created over the decades, narrowing it down to the five most successful marketing campaigns is quite a challenge. First, there’s defining what “successful” means. Certainly for each marketing campaign there will be different indicators of success. Some universal measurements we used in compiling this list included: creativity, memorability, cultural impact and…

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A row of Jenga blocks tipping over on each other like dominoes.

How to Best Leverage Social Media During a Brand Crisis

Perhaps it’s because news travels faster and farther than ever before, but it seems as though every week there’s a new company facing some sort of crisis. Whether it’s Pepsi creating offensive advertisements, Uber stumbling into the middle of a political controversy, Bill O’Reilly’s alleged history of sexual harassment or United Airlines’ forceful removal of…

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An illustration of business growth using a mixture of a line and bar graph.

Companies That Exploded Following Creative Marketing Pushes

For many of the world’s most well-known businesses, things were rocky at the start. Sales were trickling in, growth was stagnant and hope was low. But with a little planning, research and imagination, these companies were able to turn things around following creative marketing campaigns. In this article, we will review some of the companies…

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Graphic illustration of a person selecting a new target audience.

How Do you Change Your Company’s Target Audience?

Depending on your industry, product or service, correctly choosing your target audience is not always easy. There are many unknowns, constant shifts in the market, faulty assumptions and many other factors that make this a tricky process. Perhaps even more difficult is changing your company’s target audience once it has been established. But several companies…

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A picture of a business owner stressing over his social media marketing.

Why Social Media Marketing May Be Overrated

We’ve seen and heard all of the statistics: billions of people are on social media; people check their social media accounts every day; you can double your sales by having an active social media profile. For some businesses, social media marketing is a great way to reach new potential clients; but for many others, social…

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Picture of a typewriter with a crown and question mark as keys.

Copy is Still King

How many times have you landed on a flashy website with stunning imagery and high-tech design, only to be met by a wall of text full of meaningless jargon? While your corporate logo, colors and designs are essential to your identity, the words you use to tell your story are perhaps even more important to…

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Professionals working together on an advertising strategy.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing and Advertising

As a business owner trying to grow your business on a budget, you may be inclined to try to conduct your own marketing. After all, no one knows your company and its offerings better than you, and there are websites and software that will allow you to take care of many of the necessary aspects…

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A picture of the word "branding" on a typewriter.

A Brief History of Branding in America and the World

The roots of branding are debatable based on your definition. There is evidence of branding dating back to earliest days of recorded civilization in 2250 BCE. You could point to Josiah Wedgwood’s branding of his fine china and tableware products with his name to denote high quality during the 18th century. Though many were likely…

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Illustration of brand building.

How to Create Concepts, Themes and Ideas to Build Your Brand

When you’re just starting a new business venture, you’re basically working with a clean slate. You have no logo. You have no slogans or taglines. You have no official mission statement. Essentially, you have none of the important elements that combine to define a brand. This is an exciting time because it’s full of potential,…

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