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Mary Pomerantz Advertising has assembled a team of talented professionals to address the creative needs of our clients in a broad range of areas. Many of these areas revolve around designing recruitment ads for different media, such as: online job postings, print, outdoor, TV, radio and animated ads. Our staff has extensive expertise in all of these areas and will work with you to ensure that these ads recruit the type of employees you need to succeed in your specific business.

Outdoor Ads

From billboards to bus wraps to other forms of transit advertising, outdoor ads are useful and often under-utilized component of employee recruitment campaigns. At Mary Pomerantz Advertising we have effectively incorporated outdoor ads into a number of employee recruitment campaigns for our clients over the years. Outdoor ads, with their ability to target very specific geographic areas, are particularly helpful if your organization is opening up a new facility or launching a long-term employer branding campaign, enabling you to saturate a designated geographic location with your recruitment message. Partner with MPA today to craft outdoor advertising that transmits the benefits of working for your business to a broad audience in your area.

TV Ads

Often overlooked as an option for recruitment advertising, today's diverse menu of cable television channels make television advertising an increasingly viable choice to include in long-term recruitment advertising strategies. In fact, the wide variety of programming on cable television enables you to target highly specific demographics with your recruitment message. We encourage you to work with the experienced and creative MPA team from commercial development (including storyboarding, scripting, filming, directing and editing) through scheduling and placement to achieve the best recruitment results for your company. We are also skilled at repurposing content developed for TV ads for use on your recruitment website or in other online applications. MPA can help you get your recruitment message on the air and get your highly-qualified candidates in the door as soon as possible.

Radio Ads

Radio recruitment ads are an ideal avenue for advertising one-time job fairs and open houses, facility openings and other "big splash" type recruitment pushes by your organization. By working with the team at Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we can help you choose a station or group of stations that best target your audience, compile a schedule that fits your budget and write a script that highlights the benefits of working for your company. Radio advertising during the peak "drive-time" hours is also a very effective way to reach passive candidates, stuck in traffic on their way to or from work for someone else. Get your recruitment message on the air with help from the experienced team at MPA.

Animated Ads

Animated recruitment ads, often in the form of Internet web banners, are an ideal way to leverage your recruitment branding to speak to a specific online audience. Mary Pomerantz Advertising has designed and placed engaging and persuasive animated recruitment ads for clients in a variety of industries. We can help you create a powerful visual impression that is specifically designed to engage your target audience and move them to respond. Tap into this fantastic employee recruitment resource today by working with the talented professionals at MPA.

Online Job Posting

There is more to online recruitment advertising than just throwing your positions into the online ether and hoping for the best. Mary Pomerantz Advertising can help you tailor your online job postings to get the best results for the least money. Our highly-skilled staff will help you produce clear, understandable and informative online job postings that properly convey the benefits of working for your company. Our in-house copy department can help create compelling headlines and ad copy while our art department creatively incorporates your organization's employer branding. We will also help you identity the online options that work best for your company, including internet contracts, niche sites, job boards and social media sites - and help you track their results. Get the most from your online job postings by working with the multi-talented team at MPA.

Even with the rise of online job postings, print ads remain an effective way to recruit employees. Certain industries still rely primarily on print to fill positions while others take advantage of the online bundles that many newspapers and magazines offer with their print options. MPA can help you navigate all the new options available, facilitating the design, production, negotiation and placement of your print recruitment advertising. Our creative department can help you design an attractive and informative display ad while our media buying experts will ensure your ads end up in the appropriate publications. At MPA we have decades of experience working with the major national, regional and specialty publications that publish recruitment ads, and we can help you get the best value from this ever-changing advertising resource.


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