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BD - Recruitment Display Ads Design


The Challenge

With over 110 years of service and offices in over 50 countries around the world, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) was already a well-established company when it came to Mary Pomerantz Advertising for help with their recruiting. BD wanted to translate its branding into an engaging recruitment marketing campaign.

The Approach

Our goal was to capture the personality of BD while promoting its long history, global reach and potential areas of employment need. We were also charged with determining the best ad placement strategy and recommending an effective approach to account for its national and international needs.

The Solution

Our recruitment marketing campaign utilized a little known “Did You Know” fact about the company to immediately establish BD’s credibility, expertise and authority in the medical devices industry. We also coupled the fact, “On average, one million BD products are used every 20 minutes,” with a picture of a happy employee and an accompanying signature to add sincerity to the message. A concise list of areas of recruiting focus, combined with a strong call to action, made the print campaign inform and engage viewers directly.

The Results

The recruitment marketing campaign MPA created for BD helped attract the right candidates the company was looking for to fill its allotted job openings. The personable and informative print advertisements successfully reached BD’s intended audience, viewers interested in a career within the medical devices industry, through our sensitivity to the needs and voice of this company.


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