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A company’s brand is the lens through which consumers view it. This defines the way your current and potential customers perceive your products or services. Everything from communication, values, mission statements and anything else that represents your business must be embodied in your branding. Mary Pomerantz Advertising’s branding services can help your organization develop and promote branding initiatives that effectively illustrate who you are and what you stand for.

Over time, successful branding becomes synonymous with an organization and apparent in all advertisements and communications. The ultimate goal of any branding is to enable potential customers to readily identify a business with a set of values, a word, phrase, color, shape, font or message.

We will work with your company to determine the essential elements that distinguish you from your competitors and how to effectively convey these qualities through branding.


Corporate Identity

For a company to succeed in any industry, it must establish a corporate identity that sets itself apart from its competitors. The process often begins with market research that identifies the advantageous characteristics that make your organization stand out from the competition. Once your corporate identity has been established, you can then create logos, slogans, campaigns, marketing material and internal communications that reflect this identity.

The creative professionals at Mary Pomerantz Advertising are ready to help with the challenging process of establishing a corporate identity. This is a crucial first step in any branding effort: without understanding what makes you different from your competitors, it’s nearly impossible to entice customers to select your products or services. The last thing any business owner wants is to waste money on advertising and other communications that do not accurately portray the company. With Mary Pomerantz Advertising, you can be ensured that you don’t make any missteps in creating your corporate identity.


Logo Design

A successful logo captures the essence of your organization and relates it to viewers each time they see it. We have won numerous creative awards for the logos we have designed, following our basic mantra of keeping it simple. A logo should communicate a single concept or feeling to a viewer, and it does not have to be all-inclusive or overly complex. All in all, a successful logo needs to be creative, readable, and reproducible.

At Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we have a full understanding of what makes a logo resonate with the public. We are also skilled at helping companies determine what they would like to convey through their logo and at developing innovative ways to make these ideas shine through.


Slogan Development

A few words can pack a powerful punch when it comes to marketing your business. Just think of all of the companies you can identify from simply hearing their slogans and taglines. This is why slogan development is one of the foundational pieces of any marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

Any good slogan captures a core belief or philosophy about an organization’s products or services and adds some flair to it. We’ve worked with clients in all different types of industries to create memorable slogans and taglines that connect with the public and communicate a company’s core ideas. In addition to in-depth market research, our process includes countless hours of mixing and refining words and phrases, after which we provide a list of options to discuss with clients.


Identity Guidelines

Consistency is paramount in branding and advertising. Using the same colors, fonts, logos and taglines across all communication platforms allows customers to gain greater awareness about your business and services — and, most importantly, to develop an impactive connection to your brand. It is critical that companies establish identity guidelines to be adhered to in all internal and external marketing or communications efforts.

After Mary Pomerantz Advertising has helped your company develop a corporate identity to begin your branding, we will also create identity guidelines for your organization. These will be distributed in electronic and/or print formats to ensure that members of your organization can implement any identity guidelines to all written or promotional material, regardless of their experience with graphic design or marketing.


Campaign Development

Our campaign development team at Mary Pomerantz Advertising creates award-wining marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients in a diverse array of industries. We start by establishing a thorough understanding of each client’s business. Through research, discussions with the client and several other methods, we learn what makes our client’s offerings unique and how to best communicate that to a target audience.

Many falsely assume that successful campaign building is simply about being eye-catching. While this is certainly a part of it, successful campaign building is about creating a real connection to your audience and motivating them to take some responsive action –- such as buying a product, applying for a job, or signing up for a subscription. At Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we have nearly a quarter-century of experience creating advertising campaigns that resonate with target audiences, build brand awareness and facilitate consumers’ direct engagement with your company.

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