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Digital services are key to promoting higher visibility and increasing the amount of people that engage with your organization. Our expert staff has the skills and experience necessary to create and implement successful digital campaigns to promote your product or service. Mary Pomerantz Advertising’s digital services can increase your company’s brand awareness, web presence, traffic, and ultimately your sales.

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Online Advertising

In order to stay competitive in today’s corporate climate, online advertising is a necessity. There is a wide variety of possibilities to stretch your advertising dollars as far as possible within the vast realm of cyberspace. In fact, most businesses are already taking advantage of these online advertising options: in 2010, corporations spent over $50 billion dollars for online marketing and advertising efforts — and this number has continually risen since.

While advertising online can help your company maintain a competitive edge, the wealth of options in this multi-media space and its ever-changing nature make it difficult to navigate. Allow our seasoned team of professionals at Mary Pomerantz Advertising to help you determine which online avenues would be most beneficial for your business. We keep current with popular online advertising approaches — especially social media, web banners, and blogs — and will fit them to your needs. Overall, we aim to tactfully guide your company through the daunting task of online advertising, ultimately increasing the exposure and sales of your organization.

Online Advertising

Social Media

Maintaining an online presence that goes beyond just a company website is key in distinguishing your organization from the rest of the pack. To successfully engage with today’s consumers, a business’s digital storefront must extend to social media sites. Capitalizing on these 21st century media outlets is an important factor when marketing and advertising an organization.

Facebook and Twitter, among many other sites, have become some of the most influential forces when it comes to advertising. Mary Pomerantz Advertising will combine social media and traditional advertising to create successful results for your organization. Our experts will help you build a custom strategy for capitalizing on social media platforms, enabling your business to benefit from this widespread and increasingly relevant digital tool.

Social Media

Slogan Development

One of the original pillars of online marketing, email marketing is a tested and proven method of reaching target audiences. The formats and styles of these online campaigns are as diverse as the range of companies that use them. They can vary in being visually appealing, heavily informative, subtle, persistent and recurring.

The common denominator of all successful email marketing campaigns has always been an ability to grab the attention of users and transform their engagement into sales. This type of marketing requires the refined approach of Mary Pomerantz Advertising, a veritable veteran of email marketing. Whether you’d like to communicate with existing customers or get in contact with prospective ones, our professionalism and consistency will create the distinction between an innovative, welcomed email marketing campaign and spam.

E-Mail Marketing

Google AdWords

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) has become one of the fastest growing segments in the online world of advertising due to its unique combination of targeting capability, real-time control and return on investment (ROI) tracking. PPC campaigns, when constructed properly and actively managed, are a unique form of online advertising which can deliver an almost pinpoint accuracy in targeting your desired audience based on users’ search terms.

If your company is doing any type of online advertising, you are already engaged in an online search advertising battle with any of your competitors who are also advertising the same product or service. A well optimized and actively managed PPC, like a Google AdWords campaign, can help your organization stand out from the competition in online searches and more readily reach potential clients.

Mary Pomerantz Advertising will use AdWords to help you in a variety of advertising efforts, including building brands, marketing products and services, or recruiting employees. We also offer quantifiable metrics to enable you to see the success of these PPC campaigns and gauge what steps need to be taken next to better improve these efforts.

Google Adwords

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) helps a website gain traffic and visibility from search engines. Because consumers are decidedly “on the hunt” for specific information when using search engines, this gives these tools a considerable potential to target desired audiences. The goal is the same for any form of SEM: to increase traffic to an organization’s website by appearing prominently on major search engines.

Mary Pomerantz Advertising will help your company rise in the Google search ranks by increasing online exposure. There are a variety of different Internet advertising pay models you can use to target searchers. We at MPA specialize in Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Impression (CPI), Pay-Per-Action (PPA), contextual advertising and paid inclusion. Our talent will get your business in the spotlight using SEM.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

It takes skill and a precise strategy to attain a “page one” listing on the variety of search engines. Mary Pomerantz Advertising will steer you away from “link farms” and “link brokers” and navigate your business toward quality traffic with legitimate and proven strategies.

SEO is an intricate puzzle comprised of various elements and tools such as web development, link building, social media optimization, blogs and press releases. Pay-per-click campaigns and offline optimization (such as posting to social networking sites or blogs related to your organization) are also potential pieces of a successful SEO effort.

To begin the process, Mary Pomerantz Advertising will conduct a comprehensive review of your company’s website, from both a navigation and usability standpoint, followed by a thorough examination of your site’s link structure — both internally and externally. We will analyze and identify the major competitors within your industry and conduct search-marketing research on who is currently achieving first page rankings. This will aid us in determining what keywords and keyword phrases they are using and help us design a unique SEO plan for your organization.

The possibilities are endless: let us pilot your exposure goals through our SEO innovations.

Search Engine Optimization

Blogging and Microblogging

Blogs are an interactive method of communication maintained by individuals for themselves and on behalf of corporations. They are versatile tools, and can even be part of your businesses existing website or be a completely separate entity.

There are currently over 100 million blogs across the Internet. Don’t let your company miss out on the rising popularity of blogging and allow Mary Pomerantz Advertising to lead your organization into the blog revolution.

Micro-blogging is another marketing and advertising trend quickly influencing businesses across the country. Micro-blogs are very small blogs consisting of a frequently-updated collection of short posts, each meant to capture an idea succinctly. The most prominent micro-blog out there is Twitter, while some other notable contenders include Tumblr and Plurk.

Whatever your blogging dreams are, Mary Pomerantz Advertising can bring them to fruition. Our seasoned staff builds engaging blogs for organizations from the ground up. We will help you maintain them and lead you through every step of the process in up-keeping them. From developing content to blog design, we will make your blogs stand out from your competitors.


Web Banners

One of the most effective ways to direct and increase traffic to your company’s website is through web banners. Once distributed on relevant websites that link back to your company, web banners allow desired audiences to efficiently learn about career opportunities, services or products being promoted by your business.

Mary Pomerantz Advertising will generate greater engagement from the people and businesses viewing your ads. By tailoring your company’s message with a carefully selected design that attracts the appropriate audience, the team at MPA will make your web banners a measurable success. Through website analytics, we can also thoroughly examine the data on your web banner to ensure the most impact for your advertising budget.

Web Banners
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