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Mary Pomerantz Advertising’s media services offers organizations several marketing options across all available media. We will help determine your target audience, the best ways to reach them and how to maximize your advertising budget. Our long-established relationships with media providers allow us to negotiate the best possible rates for our clients.


Television – Cable Advertising

Because cable television advertising has a relatively narrow geographic reach, and individual cable channels appeal to specific demographics, cable television advertising can be easily targeted for the intended demographic of your company’s product or service. The trick, however, is to keep these audiences engaged with this form of advertising and eager to engage with your business.

Mary Pomerantz Advertising knows how to identify and reach a desired demographic for cable television advertising, and we understand what it takes to make a commercial both personable and informative. Over the years, we have created both live-action and animated commercials for a variety of industries. With our professionalism, creativity, and care in capturing the perspectives of our clients through the commercial form, you can trust our professionals to spearhead your own efforts, too.


Online Advertising

Online advertising is the fastest developing field of advertising worldwide. This platform continues to grow in popularity because it allows companies to reach a global audience at a much lower cost than traditional media. At Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we know how to take advantage of the many strategic opportunities that digital marketing offers for advertisers.

Online advertising gives business owners the option to use geographic markers to connect with a local audience and allows them to precisely target a desired demographic. Once we pinpoint an audience, some of the more popular Internet advertising vehicles that we use to reach this audience include web banner ads, affiliate marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, SEM marketing (including Pay-Per-Click campaigns like Google AdWords) interactive advertising and mobile marketing. Advertising is what we at MPA know best, and we are dedicated to staying current with the ever-evolving advertising innovations that the web has to offer.


Radio Advertising

Radio advertising gives companies the opportunity to reach a large number of potential consumers at a relatively low cost. Because individual radio stations attract different demographics, you can focus your campaign on the specific stations that attract your type of listener. Radio campaigns can even be specifically designed to be aired on selected programs, further refining your targeted demographic.

At Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we have found radio advertising to be an effective component to a number of our clients’ campaigns. In particular, radio’s immediacy — the ability to cover events as they happen — works well in conjunction with time-sensitive events such as trade shows, job fairs, and open houses. Allow us to guide your company’s radio advertising efforts by instructing you on the times and stations where your audience can be found.


Cinema Advertising

There’s nothing much bigger than having your ad displayed on a movie screen in front of an audience of thousands per week. Cinema advertising is a great way to reach a large audience within a specifically targeted geographic area. It reaches an attentive, captive audience that puts aside everyday distractions, such as cell phone interruptions. Also, because moviegoers are generally a younger, more affluent and active consumer group than the population at-large, they represent a particularly attractive demographic for many advertising messages.

Mary Pomerantz Advertising will help you choose which theaters to target and design cinema advertising that gets your message across with the most powerful punch. We have created cinema ads for a variety of clients and have experience utilizing all the latest technologies available to make your ads jump right off the screen.


Transit Advertising

One of the best ways to reach new potential customers is by targeting commuters in the areas where they work and live. Transit advertising puts your message on buses, trucks, subways, multimedia screens and bus shelters. While this is a great opportunity for advertisers, it can be challenging to choose the most opportune location and the most effective ad design for a specific product, service or demographic.

A strategic partner like Mary Pomerantz Advertising will guide you through every step of the process and take the lead in imagining and creating your advertisement. We will explain all of your transit advertising options, detail the pros and cons of each and make appropriate recommendations based on your offerings, audience, and budget.


Billboard Display Advertising

The primary advantages of billboard advertising include its large visibility and how it prevents potential consumers to alter their experience of the ad — to change the channel or turn it off, as it were. At Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we have extensive experience designing billboards to impart the maximum impact in the short time frame drivers have as they pass by an advertisement. It is a skill that is critical for the success of any billboard-oriented campaign — and one that the MPA team would love to put to work for you.

We can recommend which specific billboards in what locations will work best to target your audience. By targeting the key transportation arteries in an area, we can help you develop a strong brand message that reinforces your other forms of advertising and provides you with the exposure your company needs.

We can also help you choose between different billboard options — including modern digital billboard advertising. This recent addition to billboard technologies enables companies to purchase a rotating share of a billboard, lowering costs by spreading them over several advertisers. Allow us to find a billboard advertising option that works best for your business.


Niche Advertising

Sometimes a very specific audience requires closer targeting than available with traditional, broad-based advertising approaches. Niche advertising allows advertisers to focus their resources on the specific group they are targeting. At Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we have worked with a diverse array of niche advertising choices over the years and know which ones produce strong results.

Examples of niche advertising venues that we trust include publications such as the Nursing Spectrum and the Advance (for nurses and other healthcare professionals), the trade journal HAPPI (for the household and personal products industry) and HR Magazine (for HR professionals). Determining which publications and/or websites fit your niche and budget best takes careful research and balancing of many factors. We at MPA rely on decades of success to guide clients in making rewarding advertising choices in niche markets.

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