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For business owners who want to be successful, having a well-designed and user-friendly website is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. In today’s day and age, where most consumers conduct online research before ever entering a business, you can’t afford to be misrepresented or not represented at all online. From the initial designs through completion and ongoing maintenance, Mary Pomerantz Advertising offers full website services for business owners throughout the nation.

Whether you want the most standard one – five-page website, or you need a larger site with more specialized and complex features, our professionals can help. We offer design, copywriting, hosting, performance tracking, continuous updates, troubleshooting and anything else a business owner could need from a web service provider.


Web Design

Before anyone reads a word on your site and learns about your services or products, they will first make a judgment about your business based on the design and functionality of your website. Nothing is more important than the appearance of your website. The web design experts at Mary Pomerantz Advertising have developed scores of websites for clients in several different industries. We know what appeals to users and entices them to further explore your site.

Our professionals will work with your ideas and combine them with established industry web-design standards and our extensive expertise. We will create a website that accurately represents your company’s identity and encourages audiences to engage with your organization. Whether you’re looking to sell products, promote services, generate foot traffic into your business or raise awareness on a subject, Mary Pomerantz Advertising will design a beautiful, mobile-optimized and user-friendly website to handle all of your needs.


Web Analytics

With Mary Pomerantz Advertising’s web analytics service, you can acquire the most in-depth, comprehensive and detailed insight into your website’s popularity, traffic patterns and effectiveness at engaging users. Analysis of your web presence on the three big search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) will let you know what’s working, what’s not and how it can be improved.

Without web analytics, business owners are stuck with a blind, trial-and-error approach with no way of understanding if or why their web campaigns are successful. Let Mary Pomerantz Advertising help you clearly see the results of these campaigns and confidently move your efforts forward. Using Google Analytics, we can determine where your web traffic is coming from, which pages are performing best, and make recommendations on maximizing your web presence based on this information.


Web Hosting

Mary Pomerantz Advertising provides a variety of web hosting solutions for your business. The most important thing to know about web hosting is server reliability, commonly referred to as “availability” in the industry. Whether or not a web server resides near to you (or even in your office building) does not make a difference in how frequently it goes offline. Your business needs to have its website stay up and online all the time, not just most of the time. Many companies fall into this trap of confusing local proximity with reliability. Reliability (“up time”) always trumps all other concerns when you are comparing web hosts.

In addition to reliability, you want to know that all of your data is backed up and secure. To ensure both of these, our web hosting uses only Tier 4 Compliant Data Center Data Backups, which provide 99.995 percent availability. At Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we routinely update our web-hosting servers with security patches and perform daily, archived, offsite backups for clients’ sites. We will also provide your business with unlimited email accounts, built-in spam filtering and email account setup.


Web Maintenance

Website maintenance is critical for keeping your website performing successfully. It consists of a number of specific activities – all of which can be handled by the team at Mary Pomerantz Advertising. Your site does not have to be designed or hosted by Mary Pomerantz Advertising for us to maintain it. We will gladly perform web maintenance duties for you on a site designed or hosted by someone else.

We offer both front-end and back-end web maintenance services. The front-end includes keeping website content current and continually updating with new technologies and features. On the back-end, maintenance involves essential server updates, implementation of security patches, and regular backups to ensure information remains secure. The professionals at Mary Pomerantz Advertising are fully capable of managing all of your web maintenance needs.


Content Management System

The best way to convince web visitors to return to your website is to always keep your content fresh and up-to-date. The easiest and cheapest way to accomplish this is to have your site created using a content management system (CMS), like WordPress. Another benefit of using a CMS for your website design is higher rankings for any searches related to your site content in popular search engines, such as Yahoo! and Google.

In addition, a CMS enables the employees in your organization to update any text or graphics in real-time on your website directly through a web browser while at home or in the office. Because a content management system makes it easy to update your site, you can keep the information current, causing visitors to return on a regular basis and increasing your ranking on search engines.

At Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we have extensive experience designing content management systems. Almost all of our clients have chosen to incorporate a CMS into their website when it was time for an update or when it was initially designed. Let us help you establish a CMS in order to keep your website accessible to your team on the back-end, and engaging to users interacting with the front-end of your site.



Microsites are one-page websites that exist independent of a company’s main page and have their own URL’s. Mary Pomerantz Advertising creates microsites for enterprises that feel it necessary to separately promote one aspect of their company. Oftentimes, microsites can be developed in conjunction with a specific print or broadcast-based campaign and used as the “landing page” for that campaign’s audience. The purposes of a microsite can vary from promotion of a specific product or idea, to the announcement of news that is of particular importance to the company’s consumer base.

The construction of a microsite can facilitate promotional goals, keep a customer engaged, and make it easier for you to perform changes and updates. Our main goal in the creation of microsites is to provide the space and encouragement for our clients and their audience to interact. We create microsites that focus specifically on the subject at hand and streamline user/visitor communication.


Personalized URLs

magine receiving a piece of mail that tells you to go to a website that has your name on it. Would you visit it? Chances are pretty good that you would. When you’d get there, you’d find that other elements of the page were personalized just for you. Welcome to the world of personalized URLs (PURLS). PURLs are personalized websites that are usually used along with direct mail pieces to drive individuals to the sites in question. These sites are a great way to gather information about the person visiting them (your potential customer) because each one is, by definition, being visited by a unique, pre-identified individual.

At Mary Pomerantz Advertising, we have personal experience with PURLS and their integration into larger multimedia campaigns. We will help you use this marketing technique and reap the benefit of surprising your audience with something they may not see too often on the web. This approach has the added benefit of associating your company with cutting-edge technology in the minds of your audience. Let MPA help you impress potential clients and consumers with a website addressed to them, specifically.


Virtual Tours

Virtual tours give your potential clients or employees a better sense of what your organization is all about. It’s a chance for customers to visit your location, tour your facilities and meet your employees from the comfort of home. Virtual tours can help you build strong relationships with your target audience while bypassing the need for organizing open houses, plant visits, or other public events that can often be a logistical nightmare for your staff (and your budget).

By incorporating features such as 360-degree views, audio podcasts, video interviews, live webcams, interactive maps and image galleries, virtual tours can be like the online version of an open house. With Mary Pomerantz Advertising, you can make your organization available to your audience 24/7. The award-winning creative team at MPA has the expertise to enhance your current marketing and/or recruiting materials with engaging virtual tours specifically designed just for your company. Whether it is integrated into your website or recorded on a DVD and distributed through handouts or direct mailings, MPA has the technical and creative expertise necessary to bring your virtual tour to life.

Virtual Tours
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