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Mary Pomerantz

An SEO Agency Helps To Remove The Guesswork

Mary Pomerantz

Ms. Pomerantz has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Mary Pomerantz Advertising for the past twenty five years. She was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Pomerantz Staffing, which grew to be one of the largest privately-owned staffing companies in the US under her leadership.

photo of a jigsaw puzzle with 2 pieces highlighted with one saying "know" under a magnifying glass and the other piece saying "guess"

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

During recent years, the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) has been heavily debated. [1] Does it help drive more consumers to your website? How much optimization is enough? How do you measure its success? These are just a few of the questions that a SEO agency is use to hearing from perspective clients.

A quality SEO agency removes the speculation from the overall procedure.  It acts as a master chef that mixes all the correct quantities of ingredients in the proper order to increase a site’s search engine (SE) ranking. Starting with detailed analysis of the existing online profile, an agency can make the necessary adjustments to bring more viewers to your site.

Focusing the SEO Process

circular graphic showing most of the circle in blue to represent the majority of all web traffic coming from the pages 1-3 in the SERP'sUsers rely on search engines to navigate the web. Many people fail to understand that SEO does not stand for “Search Everything Online.” Because fast responses are desired, the results produced after the third page are only viewed by 8.1 percent of the average web traffic share. [2] Given the enormity of the worldwide web, sites developed without the clear insight needed to drive a company towards the top rankings within its relevant search parameters will be invisible to prospective clientele.

SEO is an excellent online marketing instrument that improves brand awareness and increases a site’s search engine ranking. It provides enhancements that allow the type of clients that would most benefit from a company’s products and/or services to find it on the web. Part of the SEO development includes providing:

  • Up-to-date content specific to the customers’ needs
  • High-quality links related to the company’s objectives
  • On-going analysis with feedback about any necessary adjustments

A universal optimization method does not exist as the answer for every company. An experienced SEO agency will create steps specifically designed to develop the best options for your organization.

Moving Through a Tangled Web

illustration of a spider and a spiders web showing the words "web link" and "keyword"

An SE uses automatic software modules known as “spiders” that crawl through the web looking for links related to the keywords indicated in the search.

How does an SE find a site? The three steps involved in finding a site are crawling, indexing and ranking/retrieving. An SE uses automatic software modules known as “spiders” that crawl through the web looking for links related to the keywords indicated in the search. Any relevant links that are found are then indexed in a database. The last step is a closely guarded secret ranking process that varies among Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other SE companies. The algorithm checks the search parameters to find which of the billions of pages are the most relevant.

Maneuvering through this jumbled web is a source of mystery. A site will not be included in the indexing if it is missed by the spiders. To keep the search process fair and above board, the SE giants have established stringent guidelines. However, the SE market is a big and competitive business. Recently, Google accused Microsoft’s Bing of copying its search protocols. [3] Using a reliable SEO agency can help you move through this tangled web.

First, Make Sure Your House Is In Good Order

Every organization is unique. After the online business goals are determined, an initial audit of a company’s online footprint should be done. The assessment should include a keyword search, web analytics, link profile analysis, and code evaluation. [4] This will reveal any problems, such as non-working links and page errors, which could lead to lower SE positions.

magnifying glass graphic to represent "keyword search", chain graphic to represent a "web link", graphic of a computer screen with keyboard commands to represent "code evaluation"

In many cases, a moderate “cleaning” of the existing pages can be done to improve the ranking.  Tons of graphics and flash-driven content are not ideal for SE spiders to read. Other minor fixes can also be performed to make a more SEO-friendly site. In the most extreme situations, the site might require a full redesign. This is typically done on older sites where the cost of the fixes would exceed the associated restructuring expenses.

A Delicate Balance 

An ideal site needs to balance SEO techniques with being visually appealing and user friendly.

The saying “Too much of a good thing” can be applied to SEO techniques. If a site is overloaded, the spiders might ignore the site as spam. SEO guidelines were established to give integrity to the process. Sites lose credibility when excessive repetitive keywords are used, hidden text is included and other violations are committed.

In addition to following the guidelines, an ideal site needs to balance SEO techniques with being visually appealing and user friendly. Even if the SEO brings them to your site, the “look and feel” has to be designed to keep them. The content needs to inform, be engaging and updated often. Informative articles, blog posts and current events are proven methods that drive traffic to sites.

Tracking SEO Success

After deploying a search engine optimization initiative designed around a company’s specific needs, an SEO firm will pull consumer conversion statistics and track user activity via specialized tools. [5] Competitive analysis provides the technical understanding to determine whether or not the approach is working.

The key is now communications. A bunch of charts and graphs have little or no meaning for many clients. The findings should be reviewed along with the company’s future objectives in order to tailor the next steps to be taken. It’s really just a matter of harnessing statistics and being able to properly analyze progress.

Mary Pomerantz Advertising (MPA) is a dedicated and knowledgeable SEO agency that can help you navigate those still-uncertain waters. MPA works with clients to improve SE rankings and bring more quality traffic to your site. By staying knowledgable of all the ever-changing best practices for search engine optimization, we are able to design and implement the necessary strategies and tactics to help increase your company’s SERP’s. Contact us today at 732-214-9600 to get started.


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