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Mary Pomerantz

A Word About Words

Mary Pomerantz

Ms. Pomerantz has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Mary Pomerantz Advertising for the past twenty five years. She was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Pomerantz Staffing, which grew to be one of the largest privately-owned staffing companies in the US under her leadership.


Words are important. They are the foundation of human communication and a key component in expressing oneself and persuading others. Words are an essential resource in the vast world of advertising copywriting. They provide the ability to, poignantly and strategically, create a resonating message, when used correctly.

When used correctly, words can elevate a brand, service or individual to a new, elite arena targeting a wider array of audiences.

Words have the distinct power to endear consumers to a specific brand. However, they also have the power to be a detrimental factor, inaccurately portraying a negative or inaccurate message. With effective copywriting, words can elevate a brand, service or individual to a new, elite arena targeting a wider array of audiences.


The English language is astoundingly compiled with over 1,000,000 words. [1] Carefully and creatively putting them together to convey a particular message can be a daunting task and Mary Pomerantz Advertising award-winning copy dept is here to do this for you. Some words are known to have a proven ability to capture an audience’s attention and ultimately increase sales and awareness of a brand. These “buzz words” aid in captivating the public’s attention. Some of these words are:

  • NewWords-from-a-book-491143173
  • Save
  • Proven
  • Love
  • Discover
  • Health
  • Results
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Easy
  • Revolutionary
  • You

These are just a few buzz words that when strategically placed can make a complete difference in the world of branding and advertising. When seen or heard, these words specifically tap into an emotional trigger that originates from sub-cortical and limbic parts of an individual’s brain. These trigger areas are where a person’s most instinctive impulses develop. For example, wanting to eat or buying something, crucial actions in the advertising world.


Although the strategic use of words is an essential component, so is creativity. Creativity is a simple and effective way to reach a specific target audience. The three crucial factors when choosing wording for any advertising:

  • Creative
  • Specific
  • Simple

Since the beginning of time, language has had an undeniable influence over people, their behaviors, their actions and culture as a whole. The intent of advertising and marketing is to promote a specific product, place or service and to convert those promotional efforts into sales. The specific placement of words is a strategic and complementary component to advertising efforts.


MPA-The Importance of WordsConnotation also accompanies words. The connotation is the emotions, feelings or actions that are suggested by a word. Connotations are extra layers of meaning that produce a certain image of a particular thing. For example, look to the words “cheap” and “affordable.” Although both words mean and insinuate a reasonable price, the general public has preconceived notions of what they associate these words with. Cheap insinuates that something is not well made, easily broken and of low value. Affordable generates thoughts of a quality service or item that just so happens to be well priced- a bargain.

Once a marketing and advertising team zeroes in on their target market, they conduct a variety of surveys, focus groups and research on how to best reach those audiences. Although extensive research is conducted, the target audience will still put its own meaning towards each word. Factors such as culture, geographical location, and economic status can all influence how words are interpreted.


Compound words are another strategic device that advertisers have developed and implemented to engage with target audiences. Advertisers carefully adapt these compound words to adjectives, which commonly become part of many people’s everyday vocabulary. Examples of this are:

  • Economy-size
  • Longer-lasting
  • Feather-light
  • Chocolate-flavored
  • Top-quality


Accentuating your organization’s benefits and what makes it stand out is an important factor in successful advertising.

Words display a certain expression that just an image can’t merely convey. It is imperative to choose the correct words to reach a specific audience. Objectively defining what message an individual or organization wants to convey is just one piece of the puzzle to smart, effective advertising. The company then must also decide how to compile that message and what wording to use in order to disseminate the information to the targeted audiences. Along with that, appearance is a key component to successful advertising.

Marketing professionals have compiled extensive copywriting research demonstrating how just a subtle difference in a headline or presentation of information can dramatically increase results and sales. Confidence with the message being dispersed and confidence that your message is strong and poignant will aid in gaining potential customer’s attention.


Accentuating your organization’s benefits and what makes it stand out is an important factor in successful advertising. Grabbing your audience’s attention and converting their attention into sales is one of the main objectives in advertising. The 5 B's of effective copywriting:

  • Be relevant: Create a timely ad.
  • Be memorable: The viewer should be able to clearly recollect what happened during the course of the ad or what was said in a print ad, and more importantly, which product or service is being advertised.
  • Be entertaining: Capturing the attention of the consumer is essential in advertising. The more entertaining you can make the ad the more effective it will be.
  • Be noticed: Create a unique ad and message, and your advertisement will quickly become a point of
  • Be understood: Ensuring that your message is clearly known and consumers understand the next steps needed to be taken to buy a product or service, it is a call to action.


Mary Pomerantz Advertising has a proven history of aiding our clients by strategically and successfully leveraging their words. For over two decades, we have helped our clients get the exposure needed to maintain business or catapult them to the next level. From developing new, innovative taglines to immediately grab attention or creating informative and digestible web or print copy, designate this arduous task to our talented wordsmiths.

Our team of creative professionals can deliver attractive and engaging messaging through the correct combination of words and pictures. This is the perfect combination when creating an award-winning marketing or advertising campaign. Mary Pomerantz Advertising copy team will combine aesthetically pleasing graphics with tactically chosen words when developing your brand or creating advertising for your organization. Contact us today at 732-214-9600 to get started.


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