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Mary Pomerantz

Media Buying Agencies Can Put the Ball in Your Court

Mary Pomerantz

Ms. Pomerantz has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Mary Pomerantz Advertising for the past twenty five years. She was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Pomerantz Staffing, which grew to be one of the largest privately-owned staffing companies in the US under her leadership.


drawing of a coach's game plan with x's and o's showing the words "A Proven Strategy"

Advertising is a necessity for any brand that wants to effectively market and sell a specific service or product. Ideally, brands want an advertising campaign that generates high impact results and comes at a low cost. This is where a media buying agencies like Mary Pomerantz Advertising really shine. Our organization will use our proven strategic tactics, talented employees and decades of experience to negotiate on a company’s behalf and get the most bang for your marketing buck.

With the general public being exposed to over 247 images daily, it is important to create an advertisement that resonates. [1] In order for a brand to create awareness or generate sales, it needs advertising. When developing an advertising campaign, it is important to identify an organization’s target audience and determine who they would like to market their product or service to. To create a successful campaign, initially an organization must:

  • Do Anticipatory Thinking:  Contemplate all the negatives and the positives of your product. Any negatives that come to mind, try to rectify those before going mainstream with a particular concept.
  • Be Goal Oriented: Despite how original an idea may be it is important to consider, how your organization will actually achieve the desired result. Examples of goals can be wanting to grow a business, to attract customers or to bring attention to a particular cause.
  • Be Engaged and Connect: The most effective advertising and marketing campaigns directly tap into a growing trend, feeling or shift in the public’s perception.
  • Complete An Analysis: Research other products or offerings. Determine where there is a direct need for a specific product and service and what differentiates one organization’s offerings from another. [2] Understand who the competitors are in the area where your target market is to better create an effective advertising campaign.


Expensive advertising campaigns can cost anywhere up to millions of dollars however, this isn’t necessary or even possible for the majority of businesses int he U.S. and around the world. Experienced media buying advertising agencies achieve good results for advertisers with smaller budgets through negotiated media buying that results in more affordable rates for their clients. [3]

Originality is also a key component in creating a memorable and resonating campaign. It can be viewed in the unique concept and content of an advertisement. It also encompasses a component of synthesis. A well-planned and creatively crafted campaign will be attention grabbing along with blending or connecting normally unrelated objects with ideas.


Advertisements that are specifically aesthetically pleasing combine visual and verbal elements and many times a catchy slogan. A slogan is a catch phrase used in marketing or advertising campaigns. The most effective slogans are ones that resonate with the general public and creates awareness for a specific service or product. This brand positioning informs an organization’s target audience what the actual product is and what its offerings and benefits are. Some slogans that’s have stood the test of time are, McDonald’s “I’m lovin it,” or Wendy’s “Now that’s better.” The general public’s values and interests change overtime, so a slogan may need to be updated to continue to create a resonating message.


silhouette of a team of 4 basketball players sitting on their bench all with different icons on their shirts representing the different forms of media and saying "determining the best choice"Cost saving media buying directly should correlate to where, when and how an organization advertises. There is a variety of media channels to use for media planning. Print outlets, such as newspapers and magazines, are quality resources to reach a large audience. Digital and social media outlets have gained increasing popularity due to the wide scope of audiences they can reach. Research suggests that television advertisements reach 85 percent of the general public. [4] Determining the best media outlets to use depends on the target audience.

An organization may have developed the best product in the world however, without an effective advertising campaign no one will know about it or buy it. A company must retain current customers while acquiring new ones. Reaching the largest audience is not necessarily what an organization must do to accomplish these objectives. It must reach its specific, researched target audiences and in doing this these goals will be achieved.


illustration of a scoreboard showing home and away teams score but for the total amount of SEO clicksIn order to determine if a specific marketing or advertising campaign was successful and obtained the objectives originally set forth before the campaign was launched some sort of measurement is essential. To determine the success of a campaign, it is crucial to track and measure goals met throughout.

Companies develop and use unique models to estimate the financial impact that their creative investments will produce. Even a larger company with a substantial budget doesn’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on an advertisement. Skillfully choosing an organization to create an effective campaign at a reasonable price is key. Increased investments towards advertising campaigns most usually pay for themselves. The most effective, creative ads will allow other parts of an organization’s budget to be significantly reduced. The keys to a productive advertisement include:

  • Grabbing and Maintaining The Viewers’ Attention: Use interesting, thought provoking information to ensure that your target market reads your advertisement.
  • Defining a Value Proposition: Provide specific reasons for why prospective customers should choose your organization instead of a competitors.
  • Consider the End State Values to The Customers: Clearly define benefits to potential customers.
  • Simple Messaging: Create messaging that a target audience will understand quickly and clearly. Although words are important, pictures and images greatly add to the success of an advertisement.
  • Defining Your Positioning: Describe why your organization’s product or service is the one that the general public should be buying and using.
  • Clearly Linking Messages: Having a theme throughout multiple advertisements lends itself to a cohesive message, a mascot or brand spokesperson can aid in doing this.


black silhouette graphic of 2 people playing basketball and both jumping up towards the net at the same time and words showing the words "Your Ad"In today’s culture, the general public are exposed to hundreds of advertisements a day. Ensuring that your specific ad will be seen and remembered is a task that can be left to Mary Pomerantz Advertising. For over two decades, our organization has worked with a variety of clients and aided them with their main objectives. Whether an organization wants to create brand awareness or increase sales, we can help.

Our team understands and uniquely blends proven methods of advertising, along with the newest trends. Whether you have a larger or smaller organization, our company will ensure that you receive the attention you deserve and develop a winning advertising campaign within your specific budget. Contact us today at 732-214-9600 to get started.


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