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Mary Pomerantz

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing and Advertising

Mary Pomerantz

Ms. Pomerantz has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Mary Pomerantz Advertising for the past twenty five years. She was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Pomerantz Staffing, which grew to be one of the largest privately-owned staffing companies in the US under her leadership.

Professionals working together on an advertising strategy.

As a business owner trying to grow your business on a budget, you may be inclined to try to conduct your own marketing. After all, no one knows your company and its offerings better than you, and there are websites and software that will allow you to take care of many of the necessary aspects on your own. But it’s worth asking yourself a few questions before you make any decisions about this. Do you have the time to research, strategize and create compelling marketing campaigns? Do you know how to measure success? Can you tell the difference between effective and ineffective marketing? For most business owners, it’s best to leave the marketing and advertising to the professionals. It may be time for you to consider outsourcing your marketing and advertising.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing

Effective marketing is extremely important for businesses of all sizes, but it is especially important for small businesses and startups. In many cases, small business owners and startups are competing against larger companies with deeper pockets and larger staffs. Even for medium and large companies, consistent marketing helps your company remain relevant and expands your potential reach.

No matter the size of your company or how long it has been in business, effective advertising will increase revenue, build industry authority, strengthen your brand, develop customer loyalty and increase the overall value of your business.[1],[2]A list of reasons for outsourcing your marketing

If you’ve been handling your own marketing up to this point, you may be unsure if outsourcing would be worth it for you. Here are some signs that it may be time to begin outsourcing your marketing:


Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing

If you’re looking to take your company to the next level, investing more time and energy in your marketing is a must. But rather than attempting a trial-and-error, shooting-from-the-hip approach, you would be best suited to trust your marketing to a professional agency. Here are some benefits of outsourcing:

  1. New Ideas: Bringing in an outside agency to work on your advertising will naturally bring in a new flow of ideas for your marketing. An agency will add different perspectives that you likely haven’t considered.
  2. Proven Techniques: Rather than playing the guessing game, a professional advertising agency already knows what works and what doesn’t. They’ve conducted market research and will be able to create a sound strategy based off of their experience.
  3. Picture of professionals in a conference room discussing marketing strategies. Expand Your Team at a Fraction of the Cost: What would it cost you to add marketing professionals to your staff? Aside from paying high salaries and benefits, you would also have to provide office space and up-to-date computers and software. Hiring an advertising agency will save you money in the long run.
  4. Objectivity: It can be difficult for business owners to be completely objective about their products and services, just as it can be for them to be objective about their current marketing strategies. An outside agency will bring a fresh opinion and offer objective advice about what you should be doing.
  5. Save Time and Focus on Your Business: Market research, developing a strategy, creating an advertising budget and designing ads takes time. This is time you could be spending on serving your customers and growing your business.
  6. Access to Latest Trends and Technology: There’s always something new and exciting out there to help improve your marketing. An advertising agency will be on top of all of the newest developments in the industry and will be able to implement them at your company.
  7. No Staffing Problems: Even if you do have a dedicated employee or department for marketing, you still have to worry about sick days, vacations and leaves of absence. An advertising agency will eliminate any of your staffing concerns.
  8. Growth: One of the best ways to grow your business is to invest in marketing. Working with a professional advertising agency will help your business grow more than attempting to do your own marketing.
  9. Return on Investment: Return on investment is a major metric in the marketing industry. Many business owners are unsure of how much bang for their buck they’re getting. Meanwhile, advertising agencies obsess over measurements like this, which will maximize your budget.
  10. Measure Results: You have to know what’s working and what’s not. Even the most well-constructed marketing strategies will require some tweaking to adjust to what is and isn’t successful. If you aren’t measuring, how can you tell? Professional marketers measure everything.

As tempting as it may be for you to try and handle your own marketing, unless you have the skills and experience to be successful, this is a bad strategy that will likely cost you time and money. To maximize your results, time and budget, working with a reputable advertising agency is the smartest move you can make for your business over the long-haul.

Mary Pomerantz Advertising is a leading regional marketing agency that has worked with dozens of businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. If you’re a business owner in need of a boost in your marketing efforts, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your potential options and strategies by calling 732-214-9600.


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